Tuesday, August 13, 2013


This has got to be the most useless and boring holidays i have ever had...
Ive only dota-ed watch more dota... hang out with friends for abit.... then basically stayed at home watching tv everynight (Law & Order and My Kitchen Rules BOTH AWESOME SERIES). No work.... not really much play... no travelling to holidays.... thats kinda sucks...
Hmmm holidays are really empty without a partner ... which u can bug every minute everyday when you're bored.... it just feels weird to bug even my best of friends now since i grew distant with them as time goes by i guess???
I really hope that next years summer holiday will be better... with a job , making new friends, going to places and better to have a gf...
Cheers and god bless

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wow i cant believing im posting this (anyways no one would read this)

I wonder if my writing style has changed, or if my english has improved since it has been years since i blogged..

Why the heck am i posting this you ask?

I was inspired by Frozone my old pal who still writes a dairy A REAL DAIRY ON A BOOK!! when hes ever feel emo or has some things he wants to remember... It is a good way of releasing those emotions too! :)

Well im currently on my old PC now , I havent turned it on since july last year because that was the time i went to Uni in PJ and where i had my laptop already...

I turned on my PC today to look through the old stuff on my PC and I wasnt disappointed of what ive found... Old pictures, blogs, websites from the past... It really put a smile on my face... takes me back to the days where i sit on this chair for hours staring at this computer screen.... And also the lousy webcam that i had which i used throughout the years

Another significant thing which i miss the most is probably my ex...

Yup there was some old pics here and there which i thought were all gone... this leads to more stalking and reading her old blog... it really takes me back to the days where i sincerely was very happy...i guess we were the bestest friends where i can be crazy and bian tai and showed another side of me

I will never ever show that side of me even in front of my best friends , i guess what she said last time was true... A person will act differently and change their personalities in front of the different friends they have...

I used to say that she was my person SOOOOOO cheesy which is like said by christina from greys anatomy but i guess she was not. We were happy when the times were good but we were bitter when it got downhill... or maybe only i was bitter? i dont know

Time really heals the wound based on my case, i used to hate her for stuff which i already forgotten! but i still hate her though... on the reason that she took HER away from me... my best friend. But i dont own her so ... thats life... treasure the good times whenever you have it :)

I guess thats all for now...If youre reading this.... i have no idea why your doing this because no one blogs anymore :)


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wow, i cant believe i quitted blogging for 3 months now.... this seems.... haih...
Just wow....
my bloggie... started since pmr was over....
i think its the end of it now?
i dont want to know
one thing to share thou...
my E driver which is an extension driver has blown...
WTF right?
luckily its just movies and songs inside so i can still practically facebook msn dota blah blah blah
... BUT!!
my movies leh... xin xin ku ku download ehh..... my greys anatomy!!!
my avril songs got 50++ leh....
hope the driver can be saved la...
gonna get it fixed soon
when im away at cf camp.. so its kinda a good timing?
haih god wants me to just stay away from the comp i think
....... :(

Monday, March 29, 2010

I feel happy and sad at the same time
:) but mostly happy!!
Im happy cause i have friends that makes me happy :)
Friends who co siao with me=friends which i love the most because it just puts a smile on my face
Sad cause someone is sad......maybe X didnt know X hurt me badly
a stupid short post but still worth sharing :D
Peace out yo.... sorry for not updating a real post.... will do it soon! :D


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Walao this holiday... like had alot of fun yet didnt do anything liddat wor

last saturday, sunday sang nia
Got basketball with yong kit them lar....
Shiok abit lar..... but leg pain lar....

Monday went gurney with yong min, shaun and william...
steam nia... facebook got alot videos we sing eh....
very gay

Tuesday went hotel stay with yong min, marcus, jacky and jun kai......
facebook also got alot of pics and videos....


Oh ya.... i got duet with jacky....
in broadcast room summore....
hahah so gay man!!!!!


and here gok

friday... passed my undang too..

so did lead kert yeong kit and jien jie...
yeong kit use hack get 49/50?
walao i only got 45/50

aiya lazy kap d lol.... signing off